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Dealing with conflict and complaints (ENG 40)

Not many people like to deal with conflict, do you?
Perhaps it's the difference of opinion or if someone is getting aggressive towards you, but it's not a pleasant experience.

So how do you deal with conflict and complaints? Do you become aggressive back when it becomes a matter of who "wins" or "loses" the argument? Or do you use cunning and well thought through communication and interpersonal skills to get you throughthe other end with the outcome that you desired?

In this training you'll learn the key skills and the techniques to handle conflict and complaints in many different ways. From dealing with the direct and outright abusive person through the calculated "I want to be right at all costs" person, you will learn the communication and soft skills to deal with all situations where conflict arises.
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  • 1. CHAPTER: Introduction
  • 1.1. Assignment
  • 2. CHAPTER: Expectations as the Root of All Conflict and Complaints
  • 1.2. Assignment
  • 3. CHAPTER: Using Expactations as a Tool to Prevent Conflict and Complaints
  • 1.3. Assignment
  • 4. CHAPTER: Conveying the Impact of Unmet Expectations
  • 1.4. Assignment
  • 5. CHAPTER: Basic Skills for Dealing with Conflicts and Complaints
  • 1.5. Assignment
  • 6. CHAPTER: Effective Communication Skills
  • 1.6. Assignment
  • 7. CHAPTER: Problem Solving Skills
  • 1.7. Assignment
  • 8. CHAPTER: Persuasion Skills voorbeeld
  • 1.8. Assignment
  • 9. CHAPTER: Customer Service Skills
  • 1.9. Assignment
  • 10. CHAPTER: Com Styles & Barriers Dealing with Conflicts and Complaints
  • 1.10. Assignment
  • 11. CHAPTER: Spirited Communication Style
  • 1.11. Assignment
  • 12. CHAPTER: Examples of Communication for Each Style
  • 1.12. Assignment
  • 13. CHAPTER: Tools for Dealing with Conflicts and Complaints
  • 1.13. Assignment
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